Sunbelt Business Brokers


Our History

How We Became The Industry Lider

Sunbelt was founded by Ed Pendarvis in Charleston, South Carolina in 1978. Ed developed a highly successful business brokerage operation and began licensing business brokerage offices under the Sunbelt marks during the mid-1990s. Sunbelt has enjoyed tremendous success as a franchise system and has expanded to become the world’s largest business brokerage operation.

Sunbelt was acquired in 2006 by Merrymeeting, Inc. With the backing and resources of Merrymeeting, Sunbelt has been able to maintain its leadership in the business brokerage industry by investing in professional education programs, developing leading-edge technology and systems, and leveraging our international office network to better serve our clients.

Meet The Team

Michelle Wall


Rick Gardner

Partner & Managing Broker

Ravisa Speiker

Business & Franchise Broker

Alex Orozco

Business & Franchise Broker